BMP- Broken Music Publishing is an international operating music publisher with three associated labels. Founded in 1992 it has rapidly become one of Europe's innovative independent music business offering a 360º service including management, distribution and consulting. BMP's recent catalogue represents over 870 copyrights, which includes titles that have reached various top 20 chart positions globally including a no.1 at the US Billboard NAC charts. Titles are featured on over 60 successful selling albums with chart success in the domestic market being reflected internationally in other major territories. In 2019 BMP sold its catalogue to a major independent player in the UK’s industry and is currently building a new future orientated roster with new artists.

History Past exploitations included the licensing of audio content for the first Sony PlayStation Game TEKKEN, licensing content for the first interactive dance DVD including the MAGIX Virtual Music and Video Studio, the music documentary film Bridge To Havana and the UNESCO Gala Concert 2000 to European TV broadcasters and the content of 'Xtreme Waves' to mobile phone video clip services. ‘Bridge To Havana’ became the cultural highlight of ‘The Latin American Film Festival / London 2005’. In 2003 BMP licensed the entire Universal UK video clip catalogue and became the first label to produce and successfully sell interactive DVD compilations.  2006 BMP became the first independent record and publishing company to sign a worldwide digital distribution agreement directly with IODA/USA.

1996 BMP acquired the Master Recordings of RIPE Recordings / RCR Ltd three Record Labels - F.U.N., B9, and RIPE Recordings - (BMP owns 95% of the copyright in RCR’s recordings) Awareness of the need for professional services in the entertainment industry has seen the adding of a Management and Consultancy Division. The department recently included producer Bob Rose who produced Julian Lennon's album Photograph Smile and clients such as Robbie Blunt ex Robert Plant band and Manie Elias ex Tears of Fears. BMP is also supplying copyright services including clearances and other contractual and legal related services on an international level. BMP currently manages the business affairs of the founding members of the legendary Disco act ERUPTION which had numerous 80’s worldwide hits such as “One Way Ticket” and “I Can’t Stand The Rain”. On behalf of various clients BMP is also an “One Stop” consultancy for the acquisition of licenses and clearances for digital and physical exploitation.