Founded in 1992 BMP- Broken Music Publishing is an international operating music publishing company incorporating its three record labels RIPE Recordings, F.U.N Future Underground Nation and B9 Records and the audio visual label UNCUT DVD. BMP's catalogue represents over 680 copyrights, which includes titles that have reached various top 20 charts globally and significant chart positions in the UK sales charts and Billboard NAC charts. Titles are featured on over 60 successful selling albums with success in the domestic market and being reflected internationally in other major territories. BMP's essential aim is to exploit musical works with a future orientated approach looking at all avenues including but not limited to interactive DVD’s, digital downloads, streaming, licensing of sync-rights for advertising, supplying content for games, advertising and online TV, etc. BMP actively promotes the international licensing of recordings of its copyrights and has a vast range of contacts around the world bringing an in-depth knowledge of the key international music and entertainment markets. BMP is also a ONE STOP consulting company for independent record labels, publishers and artists, as well as royalty recovery and contract negotiations internationally.

Member of PRS For Music, BPI, IFPI, PPL